Alameda Naval Air Station


Hazardous Materials Surveys

Oversaw and performed hazardous materials assessments, cost estimates, remediation/demolition/deconstruction design, and remediation oversight management of all the buildings on 215 acres at the former Fleet Industrial Supply Center (FISC) and East Housing areas of the former Alameda Naval Air Station. This project was accomplished in preparation for the commercial and residential redevelopment of the decommissioned military facility.

The buildings that were part of this project included 589 units of housing (800,000 square feet), ten warehouses (two million square feet), hospital building (120,000 square feet) and several smaller buildings including a boiler building.

The hazardous materials survey portion included a detailed inventory of asbestos containing materials including subsurface piping and soil, lead-based containing components. PCB ballasts and transformers, universal waste, ozone depleting chemicals organo-chlorinated pesticide contaminated soil and building materials and UST identification.