Doctors Hospital


Asbestos, Lead, PCB Survey

Doctors Medical Center (originally Brookside Hospital) is an eight-story creek side hospital in San Pablo, California. It is the only cardiac/STEMI, stroke, and cancer center in Contra Costa County. The health facility employed 1,100 people. The hospital has been described as the “backbone” of the community of 250,000 people between that is bordered by Vallejo to the north and Berkeley to the south. The 189 bed hospital opened in 1948 but recently has suffered financial woes leading to a slow decline in financial support.

Performed a hazardous materials survey of all the buildings in anticipation of a full demolition. The surveys included an asbestos survey to identify asbestos-containing materials (ACM), a lead paint screening to identify lead-based coatings (LBC) and/or lead-containing coatings (LCC), and a visual inspection to identify suspect poly-chlorinated biphenyl (PCB) containing light ballasts and suspect mercury-containing florescent light tubes