Hunters Point


Asbestos, Lead Sampling, Specifications & Abatement Oversight

Bayview-Hunters Point originally had a diverse, self-sufficient economy of shrimping, shipbuilding, and manufacturing like others districts in San Francisco, its history since 1941 has been driven by the presence of the Naval Shipyard. The Navy effectively coopted Bayview-Hunters Point to support the wartime demand for battleships, pushing out other industries and creating a economic dependence which still haunts Bayview-Hunters Point today. As many as 18,000 people worked at the bustling shipyard during the war, and the district’s population swelled from 14,011 in 1940 to 51,406 in 1950 (which included a substantial increase in the areas Black population, from just 7 in 1940 to 11,080 in 1950). Nevertheless, the wartime economic boom was not sustainable, leading to a slow decline as the Shipyard deindustrialized and ultimately was decomissioned in 1974.