Richmond Hall of Justice


Asbestos, Lead, Mold, Dust, eColi, VOCs

The building is a pre-1980 two-story commercial structure with a basement. The exterior is constructed of brick, and the foundation is of slab on grade construction type. The roof is flat. The exterior and roof were not inspected as part of this investigation. Vegetation around the structure is light. The interior walls are finished with painted gypsum wallboard. The majority of ceilings are 2′ x 4′ lay-in acoustical ceiling tiles. Floor coverings consisted of carpeting over tile over a concrete sub-floor, except in the basement, where the floor was bare concrete. The property was heated and cooled by a forced air mechanical system with ducted supply and return. A central forced air system provided conditioned air. Mr. Suppes was authorized by the City of Richmond, Risk Management Division to proceed in the performance of a comprehensive investigation, including a full battery of environmental sampling of the above subject institutional building.

The scope of work was to identify airborne levels of asbestos fibers, levels of lead, particulates or total dust, mold, the existence of E. coli and/or coliform bacteria and Volatile Organic Compounds at fifteen locations throughout the facility.

Full Environmental Investigation