San Jose Apartments


Methamphetamine Assessment, Oversight and Clearance

Performed a methamphetamine assessment of the unit at this multi-unit apartment complex. Results received were considered pure methamphetamine at levels of 960,000 ppm. The cooking of the product was done in the unit and waste material was dumped on the balcony that leaked down to the 2nd and 1st floors balconies where children played. Each of the units below were also assessed and found to contain residual amounts of meth. Due to the fact that the material was so pure, the fumes from the cooking imbedded themselves into the wooden studs so deeply, that the wood had to be sanded down by approximately 1/8th of an inch. Also, the fumes from the cooking operations were so plentiful, that readings were also found in the neighboring unit one wall over. Multiple clearances were attempted and failed, as the material was so prominent.