Unocal Refinery


Multi-Year Asbestos Removal Contract

The Rodeo Refinery is located 20 miles northeast of San Francisco. The Rodeo facility was built in 1896 and was the first major oil refinery in the Bay Area. The initial site was 16 acres and processed approximately 1,600 barrels per day. The facility currently covers 1,110 acres and has a crude feed capacity of 80,000 barrels per day, and the capacity to produce 4.3 million gallons of fuel per day. In cases where extreme temperature or flame was a risk, various forms of asbestos were the insulation preferred by builders in much of the last century. Materials made with asbestos, therefore, were frequently used when building plants such as Union Oil Rodeo Refinery. Along with being temperature-resistant as well as a fire retardant, some types of amphibole asbestos are also particularly impervious to chemical reactions.